Saturday, July 9, 2011



My name in Patricia, and I own Ebuuks Entertainment Inc., a home based online business.  My company specializes in handmade greeting cards and handmade natural beauty products that we used ourselves.  Our products helps with healing many skin problems like eczema, dry and sensitive skin, bug bites, poison ivy to name a few.  The products we currently have are soaps, bath fizzies, hand balms, lotions, butter, lip balms, and more products added soon.

I a starting this blog to discuss skin problem my family and I have had in the past due to products we have used.  This blog will have information about products new and old we have created and tested, and information on the ingredients we use in our products. My goal is to have a daily blog, but I will be starting with a weekly one to get the hang of it.

Thank you in advance for all the information given, and hope to hear for you soon!


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